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Gravity Globe Earth + Moon

USA Toyz

  • Magnetic Levitating Globe Set: USA Toyz Gravity Globe Earth, Moon Balls, and C Frame Set is a high tech mesmerizing magnetic levitating globe display. This 3pk levitating lamp set features a sturdy C frame base, installation tool, plug in adapter, and a rotating floating globe with color changing LEDs. The world globe set is interchangeable with different USA Toyz planets!
  • Color Changing LED Lights: With multicolor LED lights and quiet operation, this serene spinning globe creates an eye-catching addition to your home, office, or as an ambient light desk decoration. The globe orb fades through multiple LED colors.
  • Sturdy & Durable Design: Built with a sturdy, durable C frame base featuring brushed stainless steel accents, this magnetic floating globe offers continuous, smooth rotation without compromising on style or functionality.
  • Effortless Setup: Designed for easy setup, ensuring your floating globe is up and spinning in seconds. Simply hold the globe to the top of the base, place the included installation tool between the base and the globe, remove the tool, and release!
  • Innovative Technology: Combining the wonders of STEM magnetic levitation with sophisticated design, the floating earth and moon balls use magnets to hold the globe in place. It is the perfect globe for desks, bookshelves, classrooms, home decor, nightlight, or the office decoration. Keep the globe still or gently spin to get the globe rotating.
  • Complete Globe Set: Whether looking for a new high tech gadget for your desk or as a gift for men, women, or kids in your life, this globe set is sure to impress! Set includes: 1 sleek and sturdy 6.85” C frame base, 1 installation tool, 1 plug in wall adapter, 1 rotating floating Earth globe (3.5” diameter), and 1 floating Moon globe (3.5” diameter) with bright color changing LEDs
  • Collect Them All: Elevate your space with our Gravity Globe collection, featuring a variety interchangeable styles from Earth, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter, all with magnetic levitation technology that can be used with the same USA Toyz Gravity Globe base!